The 18 Principles / Commandments

These 18 key principles helped me to get through jail without fighting and to earn the respect of inmates and officers through my day-to-day display. Later on I was able to go back to the neighborhood and people I helped destroy, or who helped me destroy myself, and be an example of personal transformation without resting on my laurels.

These principles helped me to learn to live at peace from the inside out, regardless of what happens. They have allowed me to follow good orderly directions from within myself, regardless of any human immaturity or egos I have to deal with externally. They are a reflection of my own immortality

Willie “The BAM” Johnson was born in a community filled with drugs, prostitution, homicide, abuse, addiction, and practically everything else you can imagine in the slums. He says that all of it was necessary in order for him to find himself. Since the age of six years, he has been a student of the martial arts as well as a student of the streets.

After a tough upbringing, Johnson went on to become a seven-time world champion, star of the hit TV show “WMAC Masters,” the “A & E Masters of the Martial Arts” documentary, member of the prestigious Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame for Kung Fu Instructor of the Year and the “Wesley Snipes Salute to the Masters of the 20th Century.”

He holds a seventh degree black belt, certification from mainland China, is a Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, and founder of the Stronger than Drugs program. Claimed the phrase, Street Combat Predator Defense and the purpose of it and how it serves difierent generations through the linking programs Diva concepts for women, Kung Fu Hip Hop for tweens and teens and Fu Fit for kids.

Johnson is an author and a successful entrepreneur. Having once been involved in much of the illegal street activity, he has been able to break the cycle and become one of the most influential leaders of our time.

Kimber Johnson is a great martial artist in her own right a world champion 4th degree black belt and rape survivor. Through our relationship her life journey has become her own testimony for females both young and old.

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