Instructor Course 5

Course covers multiple skill sets, and focuses on the core concepts and principles of SinKiKwan SinMo Hapkido. Static , flow, and resistance training methods are used to ensure the fundamental building blocks are in place.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kwan Jang Nim Scott Yates started martial arts in 1983 and is a direct student of DoJu Ji Han Jae for over 26 years. Having spent thousands of hours on the mat, attending hundreds of seminars, and traveling around the world as a personal assistant to DoJu Ji, KJN Yates had the opportunity to see SinMoo Hapkido from the inside out.

In 2019, DoJu Ji presented KJN Yates with the honor of his own Kwan, SinKiKwan. These Instructors courses are part of the organized and systematical process to proficiency in SinKiKwan SinMoo Hapkido.