A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Seven time World Champion Willie "The Bam' Johnson is one of the most successful and inspirational martial artist of our time. However, when he was younger, he had a very different sort of reputation... that of a drug dealer, street punk, and violent criminal. Although he ultimately paid his debt to society, Johnson turned his life around through martial arts, but never forgot the lessons of the street.

Street Combat is a revolutionary approach to self defense that is specifically designed to deal with the brutal reality of actual street attacks. The result is a hard hitting, in your face system of street fighting that will give you a fighting chance against today's brutal attacks and ruthless criminals

Learn to Beat the Predators at Their Own Game!

In this course, Johnson first sets the record straight by demonstrating real street attack scenarios - not the contrived situations taught in most martial arts classes, but the vicious predatory attacks that actually happen on today's streets.

Street Combat is not a theory, art, or outdated martial tradition. It is a proven system that teaches you exactly what today's violent offenders do not want you to know. The secrets of beating them at their own game. It will not only change your life... it may very well save it.

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